Our Team


ByDesign Communications has built a team of some of the brightest, most creative talent in the industry. We’re also growing our team which means we’re expanding our range of services to clients.

While we seek out clients of calibre, we do the same with our staff. We will never hire just to fill a gap. We will always wait for the right person; someone who is a long-term fit for the company culture we’re creating, and who can do the job better than anyone else.

Content and Strategy Team

As a starting point, our Strategy and Content get to understand your business needs and vision. From there, robust communications programmes are developed to positively impact your bottom line.

Client Service Team

Our Client Service Team is comprised of go-getters.  They’re hungry for challenges and new opportunities, with a relentless focus on service delivery and client relationships.

Media Team

Our Media team prides itself on the strength and depth of their media relationships.  Whether with prime-time broadcasters, niche industry journalists or community radio – we’ve got the relationships that will matter the most to you.

Our Leadership

With any successful business comes solid leadership who have the knowledge and experience to drive a team to perform at their peak. Leading the team of consultants at ByDesign Communications are Directors Kevin Welman and Vanessa Baard.

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Vanessa Baard


Vanessa Baard is the Director and co-founder of ByDesign Communications.  Vanessa has been in the communications industry for more than 16 years, having worked with a leading global communications firm in Johannesburg for more than 14 years.  Vanessa brings a wealth of experience within strategy development, crisis management, media training and content development across various business-to-business clients.


Over the years, several large corporates have looked to Vanessa and her team to lead their business imperatives in the market, some of which include; Barclays Africa Group, FNB, Nedbank, Omidyar Network, Better Than Cash Alliance, Liberty, STANLIB and Shanduka.


Vanessa loves spending time with clients helping them formulate their messages and identify stories that will showcase their messages.


Vanessa led her Barclays’ team to win PRISA’s inaugural African Campaign of the Year (Barclays Africa Prosper Report) PRISM Award in 2015.

“I have an innate interest in authentic storytelling and content development, coupled with strong client relationships, for me is a recipe for success.” Vanessa’s communication mantra is summarised as follows, “Numbers numb, jargon jars and no one ever marched on Washington because of a pie chart. If you want to connect with your audience, tell a story – Andy Goodman.”

Kevin Welman


Kevin is a Founder and Director of ByDesign Communications.  He has over twenty years’ experience in corporate communication strategy, media strategy, social media strategy and crisis counselling.


After leading a multinational Public Relations agency for nine years, Kevin decided to break away and establish a bespoke client-centric agency in September 2016 with long-time friend and business partner, Vanessa Baard.


Within less than 2 years, ByDesign Communications has grown to ten staff members and boasts a variety of blue chip clients spanning Fin Services, Technology, Corporate and the Consumer industries.

We are living through the most exciting time from a communication point of view, with more channels and more interactivity than ever before. The role of creativity in PR is at its peak and finding impactful ways to tell our clients’ stories, and more importantly to be heard, has never been better. I firmly believe that if people could communicate more effectively, half the world’s issues would be solved.