ByDesign Communications

ByDesign Communications is a new age communications company, led by passionate communication strategists who are driven by a challenger mentality. We know what we are great at, but we also have the experience to know our limitations – and the courage to tell you. 

We understand that the needs of each of our clients vary, and we can adapt accordingly. Whether it’s PR, media relations, strategy development, reputation management or a range of digital services, our work combines these disciplines in a glorious mashup of storytelling that grabs the attention of South African consumers and delights our clients with real business outcomes.


When we build strategy, we know your needs are unlikely to fit into a neat silo. That’s why we:

  • Understand your business imperatives, and how communications can help you reach your objectives
  • Establish what people currently think of your brand
  • Build a plan to move people’s perceptions
  • Implement the plan by using the best communications channels (online or offline) to reach the target audiences
  • Measure all we do against the agreed objectives.


The world of content has changed. At ByDesign, we were born after 280 characters became ‘a thing’. We understand content, in all its glorious forms: from a tweet to a white paper; from an internal memo to a press statement; from an audio file to a full-length video documentary. We bring content to life using words, sound, video and design, and we know how to amplify content in various forms.


Never before has Internal Communications been more important. At ByDesign, we believe in the ‘Inside out approach’: always communicate with your Internal audiences first.  This goes a long way to ensuring your employees are also your biggest advocates.


Whether media or social media, we know how to deliver your message across any channels.

Today, news no longer breaks. It tweets, WhatsApps, Telegrams and Signals. We get this, and we know how to make all media channels work together to tell your story to the people you need to reach.


Our integrated approach to communications means we build your brand and connect to audiences beyond traditional media coverage. We meet your stakeholders wherever they are, driving conversations, making connections and shifting perceptions.


We’re highly experienced in helping businesses and brands prepare for potential crises and issues. We put in place clear response mechanisms, and help brands navigate business-threatening issues across a range of channels to minimise impact and brand damage.


A brand’s reputation is its greatest asset. We work closely with our clients to craft powerful content that connects with the right audiences to build a business’ reputation for all the right reasons.


  • Media and Messaging Training: Delivering your message effectively, and connecting with your audience at an emotional level, is a learned skill. We’ll help you learn it.
  • Public Speaking: Our comprehensive media and presentation training can be customised for any organisation. The training helps you to bring out your best during interviews – on camera or off – and effectively teaches you to deliver critical messages credibly and convincingly.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: We help you map the key stakeholders for your business, and create the key messages and channels to put you in contact with them.