It’s time for social media to make business sense

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It’s time for social media to make business sense

Impressions. Click-through rates. Engagement. Cost per click. The results are based on ‘industry standards’, like the ‘best performing post’, or the number of people who saw it.  How much of this do you really understand when you’re sitting in a meeting?

Too often, we measure our digital strategies based on the actions we took to gain results, instead of the results themselves.

As an industry we need to get back to basics.  We’re talking simple briefs, simple objectives and simple metrics that make business sense. We’re talking a strong digital strategy that gets the results your business is looking for.

Here’s how:

1. Identify an audience that matters.

Before you market, you must understand the audience you want to reach through your content. The content you post will both educate and influence a user’s perception of your brand, and ultimately influence their purchasing decision.

At ByDesign, we use an established Blueprint methodology that guides organisations through the development of an integrated social media strategy. It asks the right questions of key stakeholders to determine strategic intent, provide a sense of shared progress and establish clear deliverables.

2. 100 day plan

Once you’ve defined your audience, it’s time to map a content plan. The insights from the Blueprint help your brand define the story you wants to tell on your digital channels. We turn these into a set of actions that make sure our first 100 days is spent not just talking and onboarding, but delivering results that move the business forward.

3. Using Search and Social

You want to take your audience on a journey, and have your brand show up strategically to build awareness and provide that tiny push a potential customer may need to purchase. At ByDesign Digital, we use social listening tools to understand what our client’s target audience is talking about, and then use these keywords in organic social media content. We then activate Google Ads based on these keywords, and run Search campaigns for an always-on brand approach.

4. Promotion of content

Social media advertising and Google Ads are a great way to raise awareness and reach potential audiences outside of a company’s immediate social media community. 80% of marketers put paid media behind their LinkedIn posts, increasing exposure, driving traffic to your company’s website and generating leads. And if it’s leads that you’re after, that’s what we’ll give you. Not just any leads, either: leads that will drive sales and grow your business based on the brief you gave us.

LinkedIn’s targeting criteria allows us to drill down to the exact person our client wants to target, based on job function, interests or the company they’re employed at. We’ve used LinkedIn campaigns across a range of industries to build awareness and gather leads which have made a significant impact on our client’s business objectives.

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Kate Morgan

Social Media Consultant at ByDesign Digital

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